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Ultimately, we all want to work with someone who we feel can be trusted to give us a reasonable “good-faith” estimate of what to expect and the costs associated with our project, as well as keep us informed when something doesn’t go as planned. We see it simply as: Integrity + Communication = Trust. The money you have to spend on your project came from hard work, so we understand how important it is to be good stewards and supply the best products and services your budget can afford.


As a full-service construction company, we do more than just build something and move on like others do. We provide preventative maintenance, and service programs including start-up or winterization of all the appliances, equipment, or fixtures that are a part of your home. And if needed, we provide handyman services for when things break that you or others installed.  


There are different levels of quality: Good, Better, Excellent. What is the difference? Standards of fitness or the tolerance within a +/- measurement of what is acceptable. For us, they are smaller, so that the angles of your home are crisper, and the colors and textures are more vibrant. To achieve this, the selection of materials, fixtures, and installation methods must be in synchronicity with each other to create the best possible experience before, during, and after your project is finished. Since your home is your castle, it should look like a palace.

Full Service Construction and Remodeling

There are a lot of builders, remodelers, and installers in the marketplace. And it is hard to filter through all the advertising and media to find a reliable, trustyworthy organization to work with. For nearly two decades, Trust, Service, and Excellence is what has built our business; not nails and lumber as some might think. The following pages will provide you with the information you need to gather a sense of who we are as an organization to help put your mind at ease. We realize that you have a choice when it comes to selecting a builder, contractor, or remodeler for your next family or commercial project, and we greatly appreciate the fact that you have taken an interest in us. As you browse our website, you will learn more about our roots, breadth of knowledge and experience, trade organizations and affiliations, as well as see some photos of projects we have completed for satisfied customers that highlight a few of all the services we can provide. Many people say it, but honestly, there is nothing beyond our capability to build, remodel, removate, improve, or restore. We are confident that after looking through our pages, and having a personal conversation with us that you will understand why we say we are “Building on our Reputation of Trust, Service, and Excellence.”

What sets us apart...

All construction must take place on a solid foundation. In the same way,  in order to achieve excellence in all we do, we have established several Pillars of ExcellenceTM to provide the foundation for the best customer experience before, during, and even after the project is finished. Excellence in Design & Planning Only with a complete design, detailed estimate, and full understanding of what is expected can a design-build project be successful. We spend a considerable amount of effort communicating with you during the pre-construction process to ensure that we thoroughly understand your expectations, have made an accurate assessment of the existing conditions, and have taken into consideration all the main activities and underlying tasks to develop the scope of work proposal and associated costs. We know that attention to detail is the key to the project going smoothly and achieving what you desire. We work together with you to select all of the grades, textures, colors, and types of materials ahead of time so that we can deliver you a No-Nonsense PriceTM Estimate and our Gold Seal BudgetTM Guarantee before the project is scheduled to commence. With our Hassle-Free DesignTM Guarantee, there is no pressure to complete the project with us. You can choose to do the work yourself, or bring it back later when it is convenient for you to schedule the project -- you have a professional product that is intended to provide a comprehensive design-build estimate so you can feel confident when it comes to selecting the right contractor for the job. Excellence in Craftsmanship We execute all the construction activities and take care of obtaining all the materials and scheduling to include every little detail of the job. After half a lifetime spent working for some of the finest hotel brands in the US and in traveling to various countries around the world, we have seen the best craftsmanship first hand and know what it takes to achieve it. It is with a discerning eye for detail in procedure and construction methods that we complete our work, with the pride of an artisan as we work in stone, metal, wood, or other materials or supervise the work of other trades to ensure that lines and curves are clean, and the end result is a masterpiece unto itself. When you look close, our quality shows -- and that commitment to excellence is part of what we do every day -- regardless of the size or scale of the project. Excellence in Customer Service The best compliment anyone can give is a referral, and for many years, it has been friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors that have helped establish our reputation as a company you can trust. We pride ourselves on starting and finishing according to schedule; but unforseen circumstances, unpredictable weather, or other influences sometimes have their say in things. When they do, we will work late, extra days, or add more workers in order to reclaim the schedule and work toward to finish by the original estimated completion date -- you have our word on it.  And if there is a problem with our workmanship - whether it is several months or one year after the job is completed - we will take care of it. (See the Limited Workmanship Warranty section of our Contract Agreement for more details.)

Let’s Get Together!

If you have any questions about what you have seen, or need some ideas or guidance for that next project you have in mind, or require something as simple as an affordable handyman (or handywoman) to come to your home for a simple repair -- call us, or send us an e-mail, and someone will be happy to contact you. Again, thanks for your interest in us, and let us know HOW we can be of service! 
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