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Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Maintenance Programs

  Cover removal, equipment start-up, vacuuming, water tests, water care and general maintenance can take a big bite out of your free time. If you own a pool or hot tub, we offer a variety of plans for preventative maintenance to ensure your materials and equipment receive the professional care they deserve to help preserve your manufacturer’s warranties. We also perform basic winterization services and repairs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss our Platinum, Gold, and Silver Service Programs, or Vacation Specials.


Construction Management

We are able to provide program, construction, and project management services for larger scale, highly technical, or multi- trade projects for multi-family or community development, commercial, or government contracts using scheduling software such as MS Projects using skills gained from our training and experience in multi-million dollar facility construction of military operating bases worldwide. For smaller projects, we can also develop timelines and GANTT charts using MS Excel.


Handyman Services

Sometimes things break and you don’t get around to fixing them right away, or knowing how to fix them the “right’ way is not something you are comfortable with -- maybe you don’t have the tools, or maybe it is an emergency and you need a professional to help. We do just that. As a full-service construction company, we have the knowledge and experience to not only fix what is broken, but to determine what caused the problem in the first place and replace or repair it the right way so you don’t have to worry about it. So if the kids accidentally put a hole in the drywall, or the door doesn’t close just right -- we can help.


Odd jobs like changing kitchen or bath fixtures, caulking windows, replacing seals, patching walls and

adding a fresh coat of paint, weekly pool or hot tub maintenance services, fixing things that are broken

around the house, bailing out a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) project, or Construction Management for a large

scale development are just some of the services we offer at reasonable rates.

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